So you want to be an Umpire?

ACLL is looking for good, sports minded people to be umpires for the 2015 season. ANYONE CAN APPLY that is 18 years old or older. You don't have to have experience as an umpire, but it helps. If you don't we will provide training sessions and scrimmage games for you to get your training to be an umpire.

You will get paid to be an umpire, and most games for the top two divisions will have 2 umpires every game, so there will be PLENTY of opportunity to umpire! Men AND women are encouraged to apply!

Here are the basic requirements:

1) You must be 18 years old or older
2) You SHOULD have played baseball or softball (but not a requirement)
3) You should have good people skills
4) You must attend training if you have not umpired before
5) You must be available for at least 2 games per week from April 1- June 15 2015
6) You should have average or above sight, and good judgement ability
7) Work well with kids and have the ability to manage adults :-)

To find out more, please contact the league office at 509-769-7159 or email