So you want to be a Manager?

So you want to manage a Little League team? That is a big responsibility because you will be shaping the lives of youngsters, helping them to build teamwork mindsets, develop their athletic ability, instill a love of baseball in them, help them to understand community and friendship, and how to achieve goals. Being a manager is more about teaching and mentoring than it is about winning.

We need Managers for all age levels. The team managers are responsible for organizing the team, planning practices, teaching skills, working with parents, and playing games. But it's more than even that, the Manager is responsible for making everything "click" during the season. Not only does the Manager build his team on the field, but they also build their team in the stands, and the support group that makes the team run well.

The Manager organizes the assistant coaches, the team mom, and teaches the parents proper behavior and support from the bleachers. The Manager is a leader.

We have manager positions for the following age groups:

5-6 year olds - approx 8 managers needed
7-8 year olds - approx 7 managers needed
9-10 year olds - approx 6 managers needed
11-12 year olds - approx 5 managers needed
12-13 year olds - approx 2 managers needed

To be a Manager for ACLL we ask the following:

1) Have played baseball at some organized level
2) Have an ability to learn, or already know, the rules of Baseball, especially Little League Rules
3) Be able to teach baseball skills, team building skills, good sportsmanship, strategy, preparation, conditioning, and more
4) Be committed for the pre-thru-post seasons to be actively involved with your team on a regular basis each week
5) To be able to be committed to the Little League rules, guidelines and principals
6) To attend EVERY Little League training sessions for Managers
7) To be able to provide a scorekeeper for training, a team parent, and up to 2 assistant coaches
8) To attend the LL annual business meeting
9) To help the team parent organize certain functions throughout the year
10) To understand and promote the Little League way of baseball

For more information on becoming an ACLL Manager, please contact us at 509-769-7159
or email at