Ages and Divisions of Play

 Division Age Comment Costs
 Ages 6-22
 Special Needs Division - Players must meet special needs requirements
 $55 per year - Includes Cap and Jersey - Plays on T-Ball field
 T-Ball Ages 4-6
 All play is based on hitting from a "T" however some soft toss coach pitch is allowed
 $55 Per year, Cap and Jersey provided. Play on Special T-Ball Field.
 Ages 7-8
 Play is based on Coach Pitch or Kid Pitch - last half of season players are encouraged to pitch from modified pitching area
 $65 Per Season  Jersey and Cap provided. Play on 200 ft field
 Minors Ages 9-10
 Players Pitch in this division, full rules for 12 and under Little League
 $65 Per Season, Jersey and Cap provided. Play on 200ft field
 Majors Ages 11-12
 Players play under general Little League guidelines, no time limit, 6 inning games.
 $75 Per season, Jersey, Cap provided, play on 200ft field
 Ages 12-14
 Players play Little League rules closely aligned with High School and MLB. 7 Inning games, 300+ foot field, 60' mound, 90' base paths - will also qualify for Intermediate Division play if 13 years old or younger.
$95 per year, Jersey, Cap provided.
Plays on largest field. 

* Boys OR Girls can play in ANY Division at ACLL - all teams MAY be "COED"
* There is SOME team equipment and some equipment may be acquired at the equipment swap at meet the team night - Players should have their own glove
* pre-season practice is usually 2-4 times per week depending on Manager and their schedule
* Games beginning end of March/Beginning of April - Run through June 1 for Challenger, T-Ball, Farm, and July 15 for Juniors, Majors, and Minors (Tournaments begin June 1 and go through July 15 - not all players will be selected for tournament teams).